Learn multiplication anytime, anywhere.

BigX is an application for learning multiplication tables. Friendly interface divided into 3 different zones:


We divided it into two parts. Here we have the “Multiplication table” where we have summarized in a tabular way the results of the natural numbers multiplied by ourselves in the range of 100. “Listen and learn” is the second part of this zone. The student learns the results of multiplication by 1, 2, 3 up to 10, which are presented legibly and individually on the screen. The teacher reads the action and the student is asked to repeat it loudly.


The Practice are also divided into two parts. The first one is a quiz game where you have to choose the correct result from 4 hints and the second one is “Matrix Game”. In the table below you should search for an error. The game can be varied by adding a timer, which will absolutely limit the time for the correct answer.

Both games have their own scores and the student is rewarded with progress stars depending on their progress.


The Test is a place to test your knowledge. There are no easy questions here and it covers the entire board, but without multiplying by 0, 1 and 10. The response time depending on the settings can be limited in time. Of course, points are allocated and progress stars reflect skills.

The parent can monitor the child’s successes by looking at the scoreboard for each exercise and test.

The settings will allow us to decide about the sounds of the application, turn on and off the teacher in the “Learn” section. They will allow you to mix random questions in the Quiz and Test, as well as set a sufficiently long timer.

The application is available in the following languages:

English ( default )

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Progress stars

All games have their own scores and the student is rewarded with progress stars depending on their progress.

  • Master! 100% good answers!
  • Very well! Between 99 and 80%.
  • Good! Between 80 and 60%.
  • Average! Between 60 and 40%.
  • Not good! Between 40 and 20%.
  • Upsss less than 20%!

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Best app

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work…


Dokładnie to czego szukałam. Syn nie kończy nim nie będzie samych złotych gwiazdek. Motywujące! Dla mnie BOMBA!:)

Very good app!

Bardzo fajna apka, dzieciaki uczą się przez zabawę a to jest najlepszy i najszybszy sposób nauki. Polecam!

Well done stable app. No Ads!

Very good and stable app. No Ads! This is a must have for every child to effectively learn multiplication.